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Wooden furniture and houses
Log houses

Construction of log houses

We are producing log houses made from dried, rounded timber. In order to achieve the best quality we take care from wood processing to the complete installation.


We are sure that log houses are the most suitable for quality living because of these reasons:

  • They become pleasantly warm quick and loose warmth slowly because of the natural timber characteristic to keep the heat;

  • Log houses have one more important characteristic to maintain certain level of the humidity that is the reason why air never becomes too dry or too humid;

  • Ecology;

  • Long lasting;

  • Perfectly suitable for people having allergies or asthma;

  • Naturally conditioned air because log houses have the ability to “breath”;

  • Lower amount of dust.


Thermal resistance according to the thickness of timber:



Timber diameter

Thermal resistance

Garden houses, small houses

190 mm

1,5m2 K/W

Summer houses and other bigger houses

210 mm

1,6 m2 K/W

Living houses

230 mm

1,8m2 K/W

We are offering:

  • The possibility to test our quality by having a live look at the houses that we have built;

  • Free consultations that will help you to choose the best suitable product;

  • Individual projects for garden, summer and living houses;

  • Completely finished product according to your desire;

  • Honest partnership;

  • Strict  deadlines and quality terms.



1. Project;

2. Timber processing;

3. Timber drying by reaching 14-20 % humidity;

4. Assembly of the house takes 1 to 3 days regarding the size of the house;

5. The house must be impregnated and died because of these reasons:

  • acquisition of desired color;

  • protection from sun, rain and wind;

  • protection from various bugs and molds.


We are offering houses only from dried timber because it helps to achieve better quality and to avoid cracks.

  • Wet timber:


  • Dried timber:


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